Wellness Packages for 2021


Flyer for wellness rates, 12 visits for the price of 8

We have a special deal for visits from now until just after the new year. For those of you already thinking about making it a new year new you, why not start now and with the help you need to overcome whatever issues you have going on.

Are you or do you know someone who’s had a long term issue, a lot of different things going on, or some goal you’re trying to achieve, like going on a vacation that you’ve been dreaming of for years, picking your kids/grandkids off the ground, being more capable at work, or just wanting to be able to do more of whatever hobby you want to do? Then this deal is a great option for you. You’ll received 12 visits for the price of 8, get 1 on 1 attention throughout the year to help you get to your goals and manage anything that comes up throughout the year that might have derailed your plans.

As always we offer free consultations to discuss if this wellness plan is appropriate for you.

Available now through January 7th. This is the only time of year these packages are available. You may purchase a package for yourself or another person as a gift.

We know you want to get out there and do more, let us help you get there.

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Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll