VooDoo Bands to recover

Blood Flow, Mobilty, Physical Therapy

VooDoo bands are a tool invented by our friends at The Ready State. These tools are great easy to use items that you can bring with you everywhere. They help you get after a you’ve worked out hard, or had an injury that has nagging issues. These help by several mechanisms:

1. Compression with active movement – restores the sliding surfaces between the layers of muscle, tendon, and fascia (the covering over muscles and other tissues in the body, like a wrapper, that in a very complex way interconnects the entire body)

2. Blood flow restriction – The bands restrict the amount of blood flow to your wrapped limb which helps you heal faster by highjacking the healing response and getting the body to send higher level of healing factors to your involved area (your whole body as well), and when you release the band you get a big perfusion of blood into the area which can help decongest and improve blood flow

3. Active Decongestion – wrapping the limb from outside to in (start farther away from your body and wrap towards it) and combine that with active movement assist with compressing and pumping of fluids out of the congested limb. This actively push the unwanted biproducts of healing and exercise that develop that haven’t been cleared normally because you aren’t using your limb normally (too much / too little) and/or been more sedentary than normal, or have scar tissue in the area. Whatever the cause this helps push stagnant fluid back toward your core where it can be recycled. Similar to what can be done with compression sleeves.


Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll