Tight shoulders? Try the worser stretch to get the front of your shoulders opened up.

If your shoulders are tight from doing a bunch of weight lifting, sitting too long at your desk, or even biking this is a great stretch to help you get out of that forward posture. This will open up the front of your shoulders, help loosen up your spine and shoulders, and help you move better.

Equipment needed: Jump stretch band or something else that can firmly pull your arm and has a little give to it. Something high like a weight rack to secure this to. Setup. Secure the band to your strong point. Step through and place both hands behind your back, now rotate your hands around thumb first and wrap the band around your wrists. Now back peddle under the point where you secured the band keeping you back as flat as possible, get to the point where your feel a strong stretch on the front of your shoulders. Now take big deep breaths in, fully inflate your belly and chest, feel the stretching of your rib cage and shoulders by your breath, then exhale slowly, try to take 8 seconds or more. While breathing out try to relax your tight areas especially the front of your shoulders, maybe get an additional millimeter or inch of movement toward a flat back with arms straight up. In the video my arms do not reach ideal, ideal is flat back and arms straight up.


Brian McCarroll