Stress reset with your breath


Here is a short 4 minute activity that you can use to supercharge your power over stress especially in the afternoon after whatever the day has been dealing you that day. You will use your breath and some pushups to reset.

Setup: No equipment needed

1. Sit in a comfortable seated position, if you need a block to sit with a straight back please do so. A chair is fine for the warmup if you are especially tight.

2. Take 30-60 maximal inhales and mostly exhales. Meaning, breathe all the way in following the belly, sides of ribs, into the chest guidelines, and exhale about 80% of your breath.

3. On your 30th or 60th or whatever number you feel you need to get to start feeling charged from this breathing, exhale 80% of your breath and hold.

4. Now do as many pushups as possible with your breath held out. If you need to modify the pushups from your knees that is perfectly fine, do the exercise you are capable of.

You might surprise yourself. *One your first try at this activity you might find it very difficult. Do it a second time, and you might surprise yourself. You can play with this method, you can try doing a breath in hold instead of a breath out hold, examine how it feels differently. Either way will help you dig deep in a short period of time to reset you stress, change your body chemistry, and help you succeed in the rest of your day. You can do this as many times as you’d like, but 1 round is enough after you get comfortable with this uncomfortable activity.

Doing this breathing method people can normally outperform their standard pushups by double, triple, or quadruple their regular count.

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Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll