Rethink your relationship with pain

Alternative Medicine, Physical Therapy

Pain is a good thing and desirable

This might sound ludicrous that pain is here to help you, but please hear me out. 95% of my clients that have pain do NOT have an injury. These people have pain because their body is trying to tell them something is off. If you’ve had a traumatic event (ex. broke a bone) you have an injury. But think back to the times in your life where pain that built up over time, it started small then ended up being much more significant. This is your body trying to let them know that something is not as optimal as it could be. It could be that your hip muscles are tight and putting higher than normal pressure in your knee because they have a job that requires them to sit a lot at a desk. The pain you feel is your body saying, “Hey something isnt quite right can you do something about?”. Understand that your body is remarkably resilient and can withstand sometimes millions of repetitions of an activity before you break something, so this pain is an early warning sign trying to keep you healthy.

I work hard with you to redefine your relationship with pain and understand that pain is serving you, trying to let you know that something is off before there is a real problem. I teach you how to use simple tools (lacrosse balls, foam rollers, voodoo bands, scraping tools) and techniques (active mobility, breathing) to help you understand where your pain is coming from and how to solve it. It is amazing what you can do with a lacrosse ball, foam roller, and your breath. Many of my clients have avoided surgeries like knee replacements or spinal fusions because of this seemingly small change in their relationship with pain and using simple self care techniques. 

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll