Introducing the Back to Health Wellness with Dr. Keith Brennan DC and P3 Physiotherapy podcast with Dr. Brian McCarroll DPT. We are still working on a fancy name of some kind, but while we figure that out, we wanted to get together and chat about why we think physical therapy and chiropractic care are just parts of a whole body wellness program that people need to maintain. Both professions involve the body, but each specialty is better than certain avenues. We also touch on how the two specialties have a lot of areas that are pretty similar. And here at the Back to Health Wellness center Dr. Keith has incorporated Chiropractic, PT, Functional Medicine, and Massage under one roof to help get a many aspects of client care to provide the best most thorough level of care possible. Other topics include nutrition, such as salt intake and drinking water. Check it out. Schedule an appointment or consult with me or contact Dr. Keith

Brian McCarroll