Pigeon Pose


This is a great posture that I absolutely love to open up my hips after a long ride on my bike. It also helps with undoing chronic sitting posture as well. Post workout if I am squatting or lifting it is another real game changer to get things moving right and how I want them. Equipment needed: enough room to stretch out on the ground. You may need a yoga block or pillows under your pelvis if your range of motion is too limited to go without support. Setup: Find an area of ground that is comfortable enough to lay out on, you may want a carpeted area, or a yoga mat. Ensure the surface is firm enough for your to sink in, so the top of your bed or couch may be too springy for your to effectively stretch out.

1. Find your place, bend your lead leg out in front of you. The more your leg is bent the easier this will be. If you leg is at a 90 degree angle (square corner) that is the most intense version of this stretching exercise. So if it feels like too much, bend your lead leg more. Stretch your rear leg out behind you and find the shape that you are comfortable assuming. Use your your hands to determine how much support you need to stay in the posture comfortably. YOU MAY NEED A BLOCK OR PILLOWS OR BOLSTER to stay in this position, use them if needed.

2. Take a few deep breaths in and out then fold forward into whatever shape you are able to assume forward, support your upper body as needed and as you flexibility allows. YOU MAY WANT PILLOWS OR A BOLSTER TO SUPPORT YOUR UPPER BODY to fully relax into this position.

3. Once you are in the most relaxed position you can assume, start breathing long slow inhales and exhales. Breathe through your nose, try to extend your exhales to be 8 or more seconds. As you breathe out visualize your muscles releasing, relaxing, and lengthening. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes, then switch and do the other side. When getting out of this position take your time as your muscles are being restored and they will react better if you move slowly to start.

*yeah not sure why I threw an extra letter in the name of this video, as you might hear me say Shenanigans 🙂 if you missed it don’t worry about it

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll