Mobilize your glutes w/ a lacrosse ball and maybe a box

Use this activity to release your glutes and low back. This can be helpful when you’ve completed a workout or a period of prolonged sitting. Equipment needs: A lacrosse ball or something similar, if you are very sensitive you may want to start with a tennis ball. Something to put your legs on, a box, a couch, a bunch of blankets and pillows. Setup: Place the ball on the ground, and roll around a to find that sensitive spot. Once you find that sensitive spot, the most sensitive in the area that you can tolerate putting pressure on it without holding your breath or gasping, it should feel strong but not like you are going to hurt anything. Once you are on that spot complete 3-5 rounds of 4:4:8 breathing (4 sec inhale, 4 second hold your breath and squeeze your muscles, 8 second exhale and try to relax as much as possible and let the ball or other tool that you are using melt into your muscle). Search around for another point and repeat. Try to limit this to 3-5 unique points on your hip to keep yourself from over doing this. If you find spots higher on the back of your hip you may want to try putting your legs up on a box, couch, or something similar and try to do the same 4:4:8 breathing pattern higher on your hip. Feel free to do this daily or 1-2 times per day, let your body show you how much input you need to calm these areas down.

Brian McCarroll