Mobility for Traveling

A quick video to show you how to unlock your hips after traveling. Especially if you are riding in a car, plane, or hell even if you’re working a lot, or just binged like 7 shows on Netflix, this is a great way to reset your hips and get your muscles back to where you need them to be. This is easy to do with these movements because your body has adaptively shortened these muscles and it has all to do with the brain, so if you send some signals to the brain with these mobility drills, you can get your brain and body talking so you can get your muscles restored to the length they need to be to get you moving they way you want to be. When you sit a lot the muscles that lift your legs up get shortened and sometimes they need a little help loosening up and getting back to where they need to be. Coupling these actions with breathing and using muscle contractions like a butt squeeze helps make these drills more effective than if you just tried to stretch the muscles out. This is because the slow full breathing will send signals to your nervous system that the muscles are too tight and they need to relax, and adding butt squeezes (isometric contractions) it changes the activity from a stretch to an active mobility drill which causes the action to last long, work faster, and help you keep doing what you want to do easier. I am going to go back through my videos and as such and retitle the “Couch Stretch” to the “Couch Mobility”

Brian McCarroll