Getting Comfortable with Discomfort PODCAST

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Today Dr. Keith and Dr. Brian have a conversation about getting comfortable with discomfort and how it can benefit you. Not only benefit you, but make you feel good. People ask me why I do difficult things, and my only response is because it makes me feel good. Surely its great with enhancing the effectiveness of every other thing I do to maintain my body, like sleeping, eating, and exercising, but after adding breathwork to my kit bag.

People in modern society are comfortable too often. Getting out of your comfort zone is an amazing way to tap into the true potential of your body. It helps you understand how your body is feeling and helps you direct your focus and effects to areas that need your attention.

We discuss:

Dr Brian’s Wim Hof experience that happened over the weekend.

Our thoughts on getting comfortable with discomfort

You need to focus your mind to unlock your body and get it going the way you need.

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll