January 1, 2023
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Do you have a hangover from an amazing time on New Year’s Eve, just feeling tired
or fatigued, or want to start off the New Year with improved health and wellness? Do you want to learn how to make yourself feel better anytime that you feel under the weather, hung over, or in any way sick (nauseous, congested, headache, body aches, as well as much more)

Dr. Brian McCarroll has the cure! sign up prior to class for a 5$ discount on tickets

Join Dr. Brian for our first ever New Year’s hangover breathing class to learn a breathing method that can help you get rid of any hangover, tiredness, body aches, exhaustion, and fatigue in less than half an hour. You’ll need to do some breathing, and with each round you will feel better and better until you start feeling better than just fine, and even great!
This 60 minute breathwork class includes breathing techniques and light Yoga specifically designed to knock out a hangover, followed by tea and cacao after class. This breathing style is modified from regular breathwork class so if you are experienced with that you can still learn something new and feel great while you are doing it as well. No prior breathwork experience needed. Dress in comfy, loose layers such as sweats. You will be profoundly changing your body’s chemistry by breathing so for safety purposes we ask that pregnant women, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure or uncontrolled epilepsy do not participate in this particular breathwork class.