December 18, 2022
All Day

If you’ve liked any of the classes or workshops I’ve held before this class is for you. It’s designed to help you test your limits, explore and be curious about what you’re capable of, and in the group environment we will get the energy flowing so you can start thriving..

This breathwork is for those that have already attended a breathwork before with me. I will amplify and give students the freedom and discretion to modify their known patterns and do what they want. This class will be loosely guided and allow students to experiment with different positions, and learn to test the limits of their body. Deep conscious breathing of the Wim Hof Method, along with Breathe Light to breathe right of the Oxygen Advantage method will be used, combined with several other things.

The end of the class will allow student to free flow together from round to round of deep conscious breathing to truly get out of their head and see what their bodies really are capable of.