December 5, 2022
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Clinton Twp Senior Center

3 class series on Mondays in December


This class series will teach you several things about how to change your breathing all day everyday. You will learn the Buteyko style breathing method popularized by the Oxygen Advantage program as well as a whole host of other breathing and wellness related topics:

Learn to:

A. Control stress and anxiety

b. Breathe in a healthier way to reduce and overcome chronic illness

c. Reduce inflammation, control pain, and improve sleep quality

d. Learn how to stop being cold all the time

e. What basic things you can do to help promote healthy breathing, foods, drinks, supplements

This class series is designed for all capabilities. You do not need any experience with breathwork instruction to fully participate and get what you need out of this class.

1. Breathe Light to Breathe Right – Basic Introduction – Buteyko style breathing, designed to teach you that breathing less equals breathing more.

2. Nasal breathing, science, methods, procedures, and techniques

3. Mouth taping to help overcome a habit of mouth breathing

4. The science as to why you need to breathe less to breathe more. You will find out how to harness Carbon Dioxide and Nitric Oxide to open up your circulation and make you able to use 20-40% more oxygen out of the air you breathe.

$5 class/ $15 for the series. Please call 586-286-9333 for registration.