July 14, 2022
7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

For questions contact Tammy at (586)322-2897

48562 Van Dyke Ave · Shelby Twp, MI

Join Dr. Brian McCarroll DPT. A physical therapist graduate from Duke Medical School, who has completed the 10 week Wim Hof Method fundamentals course, James Nestor’s Breath, and breathwork instruction from Brian MacKenzie I am passionate about helping people use their own bodies to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, regulate immune function, fight pain, especially chronic pain. We will do this by breathing in a manner that will start to allow you to use your chest, lungs, brain, and body more effectively. You will develop control over systems that you otherwise hadn’t thought possible. We will demonstrate this by showing you can do things like hold your breath much longer than you think, get in touch and gain control of your body.
The class is designed to reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, and pain all the while helping improve athletic performance. This is done through breathwork inspired by the Wim Hof Method and its Tummo style breathwork, yoga style stretching, and guided meditation specifically to help you focus on your mind.
Things to think about after class is how you feel, how well you are able to go to sleep, how well you are able to maintain your sleep, how much energy you have, how your regular aches and pains feel, and your mood are just a few things to pay attention to afterward.
Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in, think about comfy sweats or what you would wear to a yoga class that was slightly cool. Most people tend to get chilly during breathwork and having warmer options available allow you to focus on your breath hold, mind and body, instead of how chilly you’re getting.
The class consists of guided stretching and loosening work for your core with big diaphragmic movements, Wim Hof Tummo breathwork with 3-5 rounds of hyperventilation breathing followed by a breath out hold for increasingly long periods of time. This is followed by a breath in and hold.
Pregnant women may not participate in this event. The breathing exercises effect the body in a multitude of ways and it has not been tested how this effects unborn children*