July 30, 2022
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Sign up online at this class is through UPDOG YOGA please purchase tickets by following this link or calling 248-608-6668 – $40/45

ADVANCED BREATHWORK FOR ADVENTURE with Dr. Brian McCarroll – Expand The Horizons Of Body & Mind!

In this Advanced Breathwork session, you will unlock your mind and body and explore yourself in ways you never imagined. Release your body’s own reserve of psychedelic DMT, and see how deep into your mind and body you can go!

You will learn:

  • Advanced breathing management to go deeper into body and mind
  • How to increase your ability to exercise more effectively
  • How to unlock and release your body’s own reserve of psychedelic DMT for deep stress release, increased creativity and focus

This session will profoundly impact your body and nervous system. This will allow your body to unlock more fully and allow your stress and tension to release while your curiosity bursts forth. You may experience physical releases of muscles that have been tight for a long time finally relaxing, emotions you have been holding on to may surface, you may see amazing visualizations, impossible sounds, and unlock a deeper understanding of yourself. All with the power of your own breath! You will learn how to remain calm and truly experience life and emotion, perhaps for the first time.

For this advanced class, attendees should have some familiarity with Wim Hof Method style breathing and be looking to expand knowledge of body and mind. If you do not have any prior breathwork experience, please arrive 15 min. early for some additional instruction from Dr. Brian. You will be profoundly changing your body’s chemistry by breathing so for safety purposes we ask that pregnant women, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure or uncontrolled epilepsy do not participate in this particular breathwork class.

You will leave with a greater understanding of your body, be energized by breathing, and feeling amazing. Bring a yoga mat (or use one of ours) and wear comfortable warm clothing.

Cost: $40 per person ($45 door)

Dr. Brian McCarroll is a physical therapist graduate from Duke Medical School, who is passionate about helping people use their own bodies to reduce pain, stress, anxiety, regulate immune function and fight pain, especially chronic pain. He is Certified Wim Hof Method instructor and has completed James Nestor’s Breath, and received breathwork instruction from Brian MacKenzie.

Sign up online at this class is through UPDOG YOGA please purchase tickets by following this link or calling 248-608-6668