Clear congestion to heal

Blood Flow, Physical Therapy

Congestion simply stated is the buildup of excess fluid, blood, metabolic wastes, lymph fluid, in an area. This can be brought on by inflammation moving into an area to heal it, by tight muscles or joints increasing the pressure, or by damage to the system.

One of the biggest things to think about when managing congestion and swelling is that it is there because your body is trying to heal itself, but sometimes it needs help moving fluid in and out of the area. Normally an uninjured limb helps move fluid in and out of any area by blood flow and movement of muscles.

You know that the heart pumps blood throughout the body and if you arent as active as much because of an injury or your muscles are so tight in an area it can actually reduce blood flow and increase swelling. This is also true for your lymphatic system which is simplified as a second circulatory system that is focused on waste management and relies on muscle contraction to move fluid through this system.

These situations are where active recovery helps speed healing. Active movements and breathing can help a lot towards lowering swelling which everyone should incorporate into their recovery routine. There are also things like electrical stimulation through nonfatiging muscle contractions that can help this too.

By attaching MarcPro electrodes near an injury site we can elicit muscle contractions in a nonpainful non-fatiguing manner (you cant get jacked by simply plugging these on to your muscles). We put the device on for about 20 minutes and you can watch the swelling reduce, feel less pain and feel better all around as well. By clearing the congestion your body just feels better too because your system is working more normally. Please take a look at this short video showing what a treatment session would look like.

Watch EStim for Decongestion and Recovery


Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll