Breathing for Pain Control PODCAST
Drs. Brian and Keith sit down and talk about how breathing can be used to help you become comfortable with uncomfortable. Things still hurt, things still exist, but your body and mind are ok with it and the sensations don’t cause as much of a problem for the person. Dr. Brian talks more about how… Continue reading Breathing for Pain Control PODCAST
Staying Strong at Home Podcast
Today Drs Keith and Brian discuss the ways to maintain and build strength while at home. We talk about why it is important to maintain yourself and working to improve strength should always be a goal. This doesn’t mean you have to lift hundreds of pounds to improve your situation, it can be something as… Continue reading Staying Strong at Home Podcast
Movement is Medicine PODCAST #4
Our 4th Podcast’s topic is how you can use movement as medicine. The simple fact that people can’t move their joints as far as they need to can be a huge restriction with people and their recovery. Simple techniques can be used to help people move their body’s more can help relieve and overcome a… Continue reading Movement is Medicine PODCAST #4
Getting Comfortable with Discomfort PODCAST
Today Dr. Keith and Dr. Brian have a conversation about getting comfortable with discomfort and how it can benefit you. Not only benefit you, but make you feel good. People ask me why I do difficult things, and my only response is because it makes me feel good. Surely its great with enhancing the effectiveness… Continue reading Getting Comfortable with Discomfort PODCAST
Introducing the Back to Health Wellness with Dr. Keith Brennan DC and P3 Physiotherapy podcast with Dr. Brian McCarroll DPT. We are still working on a fancy name of some kind, but while we figure that out, we wanted to get together and chat about why we think physical therapy and chiropractic care are just… Continue reading PODCAST!!