Blood Flow

VooDoo Bands to recover
VooDoo bands are a tool invented by our friends at The Ready State. These tools are great easy to use items that you can bring with you everywhere. They help you get after a you’ve worked out hard, or had an injury that has nagging issues. These help by several mechanisms: 1. Compression with active… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
Active Recovery to Clear Inflammation Movement is Medicine
It might be a shock to you, but I do not support icing injuries for healing. The cold exposure stuff I do is not related to injury healing. In any case, I support active recovery to clear inflammation from an area. You can do this with non-fatiguing muscle contractions that use the muscles to pump… Continue reading Active Recovery to Clear Inflammation Movement is Medicine
I use the Normatec Recovery system to recover faster after intense workouts, races, or the occasional injury. The system helps your body move fluid throughout your body to help you recover faster. This helps move the junk out of your limbs or hips, back to your core where it needs to get to so that… Continue reading NORMATEC RECOVERY FTW
Congestion to heal
Clear congestion to heal
Congestion simply stated is the buildup of excess fluid, blood, metabolic wastes, lymph fluid, in an area. This can be brought on by inflammation moving into an area to heal it, by tight muscles or joints increasing the pressure, or by damage to the system. One of the biggest things to think about when managing… Continue reading Clear congestion to heal