Fight COVID through activity
There is a lot of argument about COVID and how to treat or stop it. A recent study has shown that people that meet physical activity guidelines (150 minutes a week, 2 1/2 hours) have a reduced risk for hospitalization and death resulting from COVID. You might say that sounds like a lot, but… Continue reading Fight COVID through activity
Active Recovery to Clear Inflammation Movement is Medicine
It might be a shock to you, but I do not support icing injuries for healing. The cold exposure stuff I do is not related to injury healing. In any case, I support active recovery to clear inflammation from an area. You can do this with non-fatiguing muscle contractions that use the muscles to pump… Continue reading Active Recovery to Clear Inflammation Movement is Medicine
Movement is Medicine PODCAST #4
Our 4th Podcast’s topic is how you can use movement as medicine. The simple fact that people can’t move their joints as far as they need to can be a huge restriction with people and their recovery. Simple techniques can be used to help people move their body’s more can help relieve and overcome a… Continue reading Movement is Medicine PODCAST #4