August Deals
Breathing for Pain Control PODCAST
Drs. Brian and Keith sit down and talk about how breathing can be used to help you become comfortable with uncomfortable. Things still hurt, things still exist, but your body and mind are ok with it and the sensations don’t cause as much of a problem for the person. Dr. Brian talks more about how… Continue reading August Deals
6 x 6 Breathing for Optimal Performance
6 x 6 breathing is a technique that I have been using to challenge my running and breathing style whenever I exercise. This video will talk about using this for running, but you can use it for any exercise activity. It is based off the principles outline in Breath by James Nestor where the optimal… Continue reading August Deals
Conscious Breathing for pain control
Conscious Breathing for pain control and my successful tattoo experiment Background: As you might have guessed I am very curious on how breathing can be used to control your health, improve your health, and help with the management of pain, anxiety, stress, and even increase athletic performance and endurance (not just working out related stuff,… Continue reading August Deals
Yoga Podcast
Yoga is another great tool to harness your breath to make great changes in your body. It has helped Dr. Brian and so many others become better versions of themselves. Our special guest today is Katie Hoss who is from New York and runs Katiehossyoga.com where she offers live and online yoga and meditation classes.… Continue reading August Deals
Mobility for Traveling
A quick video to show you how to unlock your hips after traveling. Especially if you are riding in a car, plane, or hell even if you’re working a lot, or just binged like 7 shows on Netflix, this is a great way to reset your hips and get your muscles back to where you… Continue reading August Deals
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