Pigeon Pose
This is a great posture that I absolutely love to open up my hips after a long ride on my bike. It also helps with undoing chronic sitting posture as well. Post workout if I am squatting or lifting it is another real game changer to get things moving right and how I want them.… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
Shoulder Spin up for Swimming, Running, Archery, Golf
This spin up is something I use to help keep my arms and upper body moving well and prepare them for activity. This less than 5 minute set of activities can help you loosen things up as well as identify areas that need additional mobility work. It is a great way to check out your… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
D2R2 Desensitize, Decongest, Repurfuse, Restore – Get Better
D2R2 – Is the basic mode l to treat clients and help them get to their goals it is done with 4 basic guidelines. Desensitize, Decongest, Reperfuse, Restore   Desensitize is completed to help lower the pain in an area. This is done because sometime these areas can become overly sensitive to stimuli and need… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
Incomplete Mechanics, Incidents, and Injury The I3 model
I3 model – Incomplete mechanics, incidents, and injury. When people see me we work together to determine where the client is within the I3 model. Most clients I see don’t have an “actual” injury. This is because pain is normally just the warning sign that something isn’t quite right. It could be that your muscles are… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
LXC to Glute
Mobilize your glutes w/ a lacrosse ball and maybe a box
Use this activity to release your glutes and low back. This can be helpful when you’ve completed a workout or a period of prolonged sitting. Equipment needs: A lacrosse ball or something similar, if you are very sensitive you may want to start with a tennis ball. Something to put your legs on, a box,… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
Yoga Podcast
Yoga is another great tool to harness your breath to make great changes in your body. It has helped Dr. Brian and so many others become better versions of themselves. Our special guest today is Katie Hoss who is from New York and runs where she offers live and online yoga and meditation classes.… Continue reading Pigeon Pose
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