VooDoo Bands to recover
VooDoo bands are a tool invented by our friends at The Ready State. These tools are great easy to use items that you can bring with you everywhere. They help you get after a you’ve worked out hard, or had an injury that has nagging issues. These help by several mechanisms: 1. Compression with active… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
Yoga Podcast
Yoga is another great tool to harness your breath to make great changes in your body. It has helped Dr. Brian and so many others become better versions of themselves. Our special guest today is Katie Hoss who is from New York and runs where she offers live and online yoga and meditation classes.… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
Restore your upper back with a foam roller
Unlock your upper back (T spine) using a foam roller and your breath. The breathing is important to get you body to relax and restore itself. For this mobilization it is important to keep your core engage and ribs from flaring out so that you target the correct area of your back. If you don’t… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
Staying Strong at Home Podcast
Today Drs Keith and Brian discuss the ways to maintain and build strength while at home. We talk about why it is important to maintain yourself and working to improve strength should always be a goal. This doesn’t mean you have to lift hundreds of pounds to improve your situation, it can be something as… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
Dr. Brian Instructing breathing
Introduction to Breathwork Class
This introduction to breathwork class video covers the basic techniques and structure of the class. Basic principles and reasoning for certain actions, and helps you understand your expectations of breathwork class.
Mobility for Traveling
A quick video to show you how to unlock your hips after traveling. Especially if you are riding in a car, plane, or hell even if you’re working a lot, or just binged like 7 shows on Netflix, this is a great way to reset your hips and get your muscles back to where you… Continue reading VooDoo Bands to recover
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