Breath work is Life Work

Alternative Medicine, Breathwork

Everything starts with your breath. Join me for a 30 minute breathwork class. Just about everyone could use some breathwork. It is am amazing tool that has not been emphasized enough. It is critical for everything you do and it is likely you have has little to no actual training on how to breathe effectively. Let’s fix that.

Who: Anyone

What: Breathwork class

When: Tuesday and Fridays at 10am

Where: MarDock Strength and Conditioning

Why: Everything starts with your breath and if you can’t breathe in a position you do NOT own that position. Increase your ability to breathe. Increase your ability to tolerate stress, both physical and emotional. Reduce stress and anxiety.


*This class targets hijacking your breath to make you a stronger, faster, and more relaxed person.

We will be covering breath types ranging from Wim Hof breathing, breath of fire, meditative breath, breath holds (both in and out), as well as many others, if you don’t know what these are, come to a class and see what they are all about.

This will teach you to:

Harness your breath for athletic performance, use oxygen more effectively, tolerate CO2, as well as many others

Downregulate your nervous system to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve sleep

Be stronger and more resilient to stress and activity

Ice Flow, Svalbard, Norway, FEB 2020, -25 C


Hit book now or use your PTEverywhere account to reserve your slot.

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll