Wellness Packages for 2021
We have a special deal for visits from now until just after the new year. For those of you already thinking about making it a new year new you, why not start now and with the help you need to overcome whatever issues you have going on. Are you or do you know someone who’s… Continue reading Content
Get into your deep shoulder tightness with a band and stick
Sometimes your shoulders can’t get overhead because the underside of your arms, primarily your triceps, lats, and rotators can get stiff and prevent your ability to get overhead or maintain a quality overhead position. This is another mobility activity that will help you recover from overuse and underuse issues. Equipment needed: A jumpstretch band, or… Continue reading Content
Pigeon Pose
This is a great posture that I absolutely love to open up my hips after a long ride on my bike. It also helps with undoing chronic sitting posture as well. Post workout if I am squatting or lifting it is another real game changer to get things moving right and how I want them.… Continue reading Content
LXC to Glute
Mobilize your glutes w/ a lacrosse ball and maybe a box
Use this activity to release your glutes and low back. This can be helpful when you’ve completed a workout or a period of prolonged sitting. Equipment needs: A lacrosse ball or something similar, if you are very sensitive you may want to start with a tennis ball. Something to put your legs on, a box,… Continue reading Content
Tight shoulders? Try the worser stretch to get the front of your shoulders opened up.
If your shoulders are tight from doing a bunch of weight lifting, sitting too long at your desk, or even biking this is a great stretch to help you get out of that forward posture. This will open up the front of your shoulders, help loosen up your spine and shoulders, and help you move… Continue reading Content
Deals through December 31st.



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