ANNOUNCEMENT! New Service Style, less time and money


This new treatment plan involves a 30 minute initial visit and 15-20 minute follow on visits.

These visits will greatly reduce the total time and cost of care while continuing to provide relief for ailments. This technique used for this style of treatment is The MyoKinestetic System (MYK) which solves problems by identifying the nerve at the root of the problem, and releasing the soft tissue around the entire nerve. It has been scientifically proven to be effective and has been around for about 20 years and is gaining in recognition for what it can do.

This technique is quick and works very well on the average patient suffering from a regular day to day issue like a little bit of shoulder pain and it will:

Reduce your pain and other symptoms related to your nerve issue


It is also very helpful in eliminating chronic issues that people suffer with for years. But since the nerve at the root of the problem is addressed we can eliminate issues like:





Plantar Fasciitis

Frozen Shoulder

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Urinary Incontinence and or Constipation (without invasive techniques)


First visit: 30 minute posture, symptom, and muscle tests to determine the nerve root, and complete an MYK treatment to knock down the issue $40


Following visits: 15-20 minutes of MYK treatment to eliminate the issue $40

6 visit package: $200 (save $40)


Most clients recover very quickly with this technique.

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll