Active Recovery to Clear Inflammation Movement is Medicine

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It might be a shock to you, but I do not support icing injuries for healing. The cold exposure stuff I do is not related to injury healing. In any case, I support active recovery to clear inflammation from an area. You can do this with non-fatiguing muscle contractions that use the muscles to pump the fluids out of the area. It also helps prevent disuse atrophy.

I use a MarcPro for this. It can greatly reduce the time it takes to heal, makes you clear the inflammation that is congesting the area. The reason the area is congesting the area is because the muscles aren’t contracting like normal. The MarcPro accomplishes this by attaching electrodes with sticky pads to your muscles near your injury to pump the muscles in a way that uses the muscles to clear the lymphatic fluid (this is where inflammation gets stuck because this fluid must have muscle contraction to clear.

This video talks a lot about a electrical stimulator that accomplishes this. I offer services to reduce inflammation and pain.

This is especially important after injury or surgery. I have used this after surgeries to clear swelling and reduce healing time greatly compared to what I experienced before.

This is a great video highlighting why icing injuries leads to slower healing and more problems, while using active recovery like a MarcPro or Hwave is greatly influence how quickly you recover.

Contact me for a free consult. I offer packages for post injury/surgery to allow an athlete to get this service separate from a one hour visit to allow them to save time and money while their injury is too acute to do much more productively.

Brian McCarroll

Brian McCarroll