Dr. Brian McCarroll DPT

“I work with clients to identify the real issues so that they can achieve their goals, get back outside, and go on the adventures they want to be on. I am here to say that I will help you get better and live better.”

Dr. McCarroll received a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Duke University. He is passionate about helping people to address the root causes of dysfunction so that they can reach their goals.​An Army veteran, he worked for over 10 years on active duty and continues to serve in the Army Reserve. During his time in military service, Brian worked to rehabilitate wounded, ill, and sick soldiers.

Throughout his military career and education, he found himself overprescribed pain medications–masking issues rather than addressing the underlying problems. He has worked his entire life to manage pain and become more capable to manage body mechanics, minimize injuries, and reduce chronic stress.​Brian is an outdoor enthusiast, loves going on adventures. Whether that is swimming in Stony Creek or heading off to some strange land to try new food and explore. He is passionate about helping others to do the things they want. He enjoys hiking, biking, running, paddling, and climbing–just about anything that gets him moving outside.