Learn how to maintain yourself to prevent injury, recover, and perform better so you can get back to what you want to be doing


Dr. Brian McCarroll DPT

Dr. McCarroll received a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Duke University.

He is passionate about helping people to address the root causes of pain so that they can reach their goals.

Dr. Brian McCarroll


I want to help you achieve your goals and go on more amazing adventures than you think are possible. I want you to be able to play with your kids, excel at work, perform better, and just be better than you are now. I’ll save you time and I am clear about how much money I cost. Setup your free consultation and I’ll detail how we can accomplish your goals – Dr. Brian

Check out what clients say

I was a senior with physical limitations convinced that I was facing old age infirm with limited quality of life and a burden to my family. Even though knee replacement surgery got me more ambulatory, the physical therapy exacerbated an old lower back injury. Most nights in order to sleep I had to rely on pain killers.

Enter Dr. Brian G. McCarroll. Now I’m a woman looking forward to a life with the stamina and strength to play with her grandchildren and enjoy traveling again. I can now get up from the floor unassisted, climb stairs, walk two miles, and sleep like a baby – drug free. Did I mention I’m also losing weight?

Dr. Brian has been an answer to my prayers. His professional expertise and keen insight, perpetual positive attitude and willingness to listen have restored my physical capabilities and emotional sense of well-being. As a physiotherapist, his philosophy is not your garden variety physical therapy and includes modalities, such as, restorative exercises, meditation and breath work. Dr. Brian meticulously develops a program designed to meet your individual needs, patiently monitors your recovery and works closely with you to succeed.

Whenever I describe a new trouble spot, I can always count on Dr. Brian’s answer:“I’ve got something for that.”

-Gwen Chater